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Hello Experts.
I am facing an issue with the SQL server db move. Development repositories I was able to get moved, but central repository doesn't work. It still gives me error that it is trying to connect to the old repository db. Here are the steps I did

For local/developer repository- SUCCESSFUL
1.DBA moved db from old server to new server with the user permissions granted
2.Took atl backup of repository
3.Deleted repo connection from Job scheduler
4.Deleted repo connection from CMC
5.created the same repository via repository manager
6.Added repo connection in jobschedular and CMC with the new server details
7.Connected to the repository and imported the atl backup file
8.With this I do not see the old logs, but that is fine

For central repository- FAILURE
1.Deleted central repo connection from CMC
2.Created same central repo from repository manager on the new server
3.DBA restored DB from the old server to new server
4.Created central repo connection in CMC with the new SQL db
5.Connected to local/developer repo and tried to connect to the newly added central repo -- FAILS

--Here the connection fails with error that it is trying to connect to the old DB server. I am not sure which metadata table or placeholder has the old connection stored? Can you please help me here if there is any other way of doing it for central repository?

I also checked DSConfig file and I do not see any connection pointing to old db.
Friday, December 30 2016, 06:12 PM
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    Wednesday, November 22 2017, 08:09 PM - #Permalink
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    Deleted ALMachine data and then connected. It created records with new machine details
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