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I have 11 years of DWBI experience. I would like to write the certification exam.

I would like to know what are the areas of certification exam will cover(syllabus)? Duration of the exam?
How the certificate look like? any sample certificate copy please upload in the website.

I am working for a BI Consulting firm. Once I am convinced, there are many colleagues in our organization may also wish to write the exam.

Thanks and Regards
Wednesday, April 20 2016, 10:17 PM
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Accepted Answer

Thursday, April 21 2016, 10:07 AM - #Permalink
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Hello Nagabhushanam,

Thanks for your questions. My name is Deepti and I am part of Center of Competency team in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Organization. Let me answer your questions below.

Syllabus for the Certified Business Intelligence Exam

When you register for the exam, you will be given access to DWBI Certification Central. This is a unified portal for managing and administering the certification exam. In this portal, among other things, you will also find the detail syllabus and sample exam papers for your practice. Here, I am publishing only the broad level syllabus and sample questions.

Broadly the syllabus is divided in 6 sections as follows:

1. SQL
2. Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Fundamentals
3. Database and Data Modelling
4. ETL And Data Integration
5. Master Data Management and Data Governance
6. Trends and Advanced Concepts in Data Warehousing

Sample Questions

1. Data Integration and Qualitative treatment on data are best done on
-Extraction-transformation-loading layer (y)
-Presentation Layer
-Mining layer

2. In a dimensional model, a snow-flake schema is more normalized than
-True (y)

3. Which of the following types of dimension tables does not increase the number of rows in the table to store history?
-SCD Type I
-SCD Type II
-SCD Type III (y)

4. Which among the below are Open-source ETL tool?
-Informatica Power Center
-Pentaho Kettle (y)
-SQL Server Integration Services

5. Which of the following defines the property of a primary key in relational database?
-Not Null
-Both Unique and Not Null

Duration of the Exam:

The exam duration is 1 hour in which you will be asked to attempt 50 questions (in general).


The certificate is a standard professional certificate containing candidate's name, designation, subject, date of exam, DWBI License number, logo, online validity verification code, emblem/seal and details of signatory.

Just so you know, we also have group certification policy for educational institutes, corporates and LLPs under discounted rates. For details, write to us at

CoC, DWBI Team
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