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I would like to take this exam before that I need to know how it's different from TDWI or both are same?

Thursday, March 03 2016, 09:03 PM
  • adinish
    more than a month ago

    I also have similar kind of situation. I need to know the difference between this certification and TDWI
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    Sunday, May 08 2016, 11:57 AM - #Permalink
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    Before answering this question, I'd like to clarify that, TDWI and DWBIOrg are two different organizations. TDWI is a run-for-profit business under a B2B marketing and media services company, whereas DWBIOrg is run by a global association of leading data professionals and academics with the sole objective of imparting education.

    We'd rather not comment on the quality or applicability of a TDWI certification, apart from just saying that TDWI was definitely the first of its kind. On the other hand, we can definitely talk about DWBIOrg's certification program and explain why we believe that DWBIOrg's certification program is the best.

    Focussed on Knowledge Building
    We certify candidates on their actual technical knowledge that is necessary to work in this domain. This is fundamentally different from many other organisations that certify candidates on the basis of their familiarity on various methodologies and best practices. This is one of the primary reasons why interviewers, project managers and team leads throughout the global IT industry, find our certifications more effective.

    Efficient Certification Process
    Unlike TDWI's program, our program is conceived much later and in that sense our platform, syllabus and applicability are modern and much advanced. Our platform is fully online and doesn't compel the candidate to go through the hassles of onsite administration. We do not require the candidates to bring reference letters from previous employers / boss / managers. We do not subject candidates to go through any offline verification process or to attend costly classroom training. Exam registration, scheduling, re-scheduling and every other administrative tasks can be done online, free of charge.

    Doesn't burn a hole in your pocket
    Our certification fee costs a fraction of others. Additionally, we do not force candidates to go through expensive, multi-thousand dollar onsite training program to get the certification. This is because, unlike others, we are not a profit making Organization. We are a registered certifying authority directed by some of the top notch global BI/Analytics experts/panelist cutting across major IT companies and academic institutions.

    Backed by Real Professionals
    Our certification program is supported and backed by real and accomplished professionals across the globe (including US, UK, Australia, India, Singapore) spanning across several organisations (including, IBM, Accenture, TCS, CTS, Wipro etc.) who are also associated or love what we do at DWBIOrg.

    In short, TDWI and DWBIOrg certifications are not same. They are different organisations with quite different certification program objective. The choice is yours.
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    Monday, April 17 2017, 03:52 PM - #Permalink
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    Hello Deepti,

    What would add a considerable amount of credibility for what the is setting out to achieve is to have a section on the website that list partners, from your response I cannot ascertain if IBM, Accenture, TCS and Wipro etc. are supporting and back what you do or if it is individuals who work for them that support you.

    The idea is very good, the reasoning is sound i.e. there are a lot of highly skilled people who would like to be certified that do not have the funds to pay the expense of TDWI CBIP, which appears to be aimed at companies paying for the course rather than the individual themselves, most companies you listed do refund the cost if the person passes. Where the company will not pay the individual is left to pick up the slack, this is the gap can fill.

    To move forward with what is attempting to achieve, appears to me you need to sell the idea to all the prospective employers e.g. IBM, Accenture, TCS, Wipro etc. get there backing officially and this will provide the edge in credibility which is currently missing from my perspective.

    Also, responding to people in your forum is critical, very much appreciate you have made them visible to all and that is to your credit, however, there is one person who has passed the CBIP and has not received his certificate and no response on the forum.

    These are the two things I would like to see moved forward and improved to provide the evidence of credibility that will generate a momentum to make a genuine viable certification option.

    Hope this helps.
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