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This certification program is suggested to me by my colleague in IBM and I am very interested to pursue this certification program. However, I am not clear about what happens after I pay the registration fee. I know the exam is online, but when do I sit for this exam? And what kind of support is available from the organization to help me for the certification?

Please clarify my doubts.

Friday, October 16 2015, 05:44 PM
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Friday, October 16 2015, 06:19 PM - #Permalink
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Hi Taranya

My name is Deepti and I am the senior exam coordinator at DWBI Organization. I am glad that you would like to become a Certified Business Intelligence Professional / Analytics Professional in your career. I would like to clarify your doubts.

What happens after I pay the registration fee

After you successfully register for the exam by paying the registration fee, a member of DWBI Center of Competency will contact you asking for your identity proof and degree/diploma certificates. You will need to send the soft copies of these documents in email for verification purpose.
Once these documents are received and processed (generally takes 1 day), you will be sent the exam booklet. The exam booklet will contain useful details such as - exam syllabus, structure of the exam, question patterns etc. This will also contain a list of sample questions with their answers to help you prepare better for the exam. (Note, however, that these sample questions are for your guidance only and may not have anything in common with final exam questions).
Just before a few days of your exam, your exam coordinator will send you another sample question paper to help you practise for the exam. As always, the questions in these sample papers are only indicative to the original exam paper.

When do I sit for the exam

Your exam coordinator will request you to provide him/her a date according to your convenience when you will like to attempt for the exam. This date is not pre-determined and and can be set as per your schedule by contacting your exam coordinator.

What happens at the day of your exam?

A few hours before the start of your exam, you will receive an email from us containing a special link to your exam site as well as your user name and password to access the exam site. When you are ready, login to the exam site with your username and password to begin your exam. Note that the exam is timed.
Once the exam is done, your exam coordinator will contact you with the details of your exam.

Hope this helps :) . Have a good day!

~ Deepti
Center of Competency,
Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Organization
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