Testing in data warehouse projects are till date a less explored area. However, if not done properly, this can be a major reason for data warehousing project failures - especially in user acceptance phase. Given here a mind-map that will help a project manager to think all the aspects of testing in data warehousing.

Testing Mindmap

DWBI Testing

Points to consider for DWBI Testing

  1. Why is it important?

    • To bug-free the code
    • To ensure data quality
    • To increase credibility of BI Reports
    • More BI projects fail after commissioning due to quality issue

  2. What constitutes DWBI Testing?

    • Performance Testing
    • Functional Testing
    • Canned Report Testing
    • Ad-hoc testing
    • Load Reconciliation

  3. What can be done to ease it?

    • Plan for testing
    • Start building DWBI Test competency
    • Design code that generates debug information
    • Build reconciliation mechanism

  4. Why is it difficult?

    • Limited Testing Tool
    • Automated Testing not always possible
    • Data traceability not always available
    • Requires extensive functional knowledge
    • Metadata management tool often fails
    • Deals with bulk data - has performance impact
    • Number of data conditions are huge

Use the above mind-map to plan and prepare the testing activity for your data warehousing project.

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