Learning Path for RDBMS

New to this topic? Not sure where to start? For your convenience, we have created the below learning path where articles are organised in the order of their relevance and complexity. Start from the beginning and read one by one to master the subject.

1What is a database? Refresher to Codd's Rule and ACID propertyBasic 
2Understanding Database Normalization with easy ExamplesIntermediate 

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Normalization is a method of organizing data in a database to reduce data redundancy and eliminate any undesirable anomalies such as Update and deletion anomaly. There could be various degree or form of normalization and in this article we will learn them step by step with easy examples.

Remember Codd's Rule? Or Acid Property of database? May be you still hold these basic properties to your heart or may be you no longer remember them. Let's revisit these ideas once again..

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