This article is a comprehensive guide to the techniques and methodologies available for tuning the performance of Informatica PowerCentre ETL tool. It's a one stop performance tuning manual for Informatica.

Informatica performance tuning is not limited to mapping tuning. And it's not limited to finding source, target or transformation bottlenecks. Optimizing Informatica performance requires in-depth knowledge in Informatica, underlying database and host operating systems and involves tuning in all these layers. This article attempts to discuss all these aspects in a holistic manner to anable the reader optimally tune the performance of Informatica ETL tool.

The following picture depicts a mind-map of various elements that we will discuss in this article in the context of performance tuning.


Fig: Mind map showing various aspects of performance tuning

This article will discuss all the above elements of tuning and much more in great detail. Let's begin.

Methods to identify and Pin-point Performance Bottlenecks

  • Identifying performance bottleneck from session log
  • Identifying performance bottleneck from "Gather Performance Data" option

Resolving Transformation bottleneck

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