In our earlier article, we have learnt how to create a repository in BODS. Once that part is done, The final process before launching the BODS application is registering the repository with CMC.

The repository that was created and attached to JobServer needs to be registered in BusinessObject's Central Management Console or CMC.

1.Goto Start Menu -> Information Platform Services 4.0 -> Information Platform Services -> Information Platform Services Central Management Console .A webpage as displayed as in Figure 2.11 would popup.

Figure 2.11

The credentials required for the figure 2.11 would need to be furnished as required.

System – The name or IP address of the machine on which the BODS server is installed(not to be confused with Database server).This BODS server could be the same machine on which you are working or can be installed on any other machine and connected via network.

User Name – This username is set by the Administrator user who installs the BODS tool. In this case I would be using the super user name “administrator”.

Password – The password set for the username administrator at the installation time. CMC Options

Figure 2.12

2. After logging in, a screen as shown in figure 2.12 is opened up with the options as shown. At present we can ignore all the options except “Data Services”.

3. Click on the “Data Services” icon and a new window would be opened as shown in figure 2.13. CMC Data Services

Figure 2.13

4. Right click on the link Repositories -> Configure repository or right click on the link Repositories -> Manage -> Configure repository and a new window as in figure 2.14 is opened up. CMC Data Services

Figure 2.14

5. Each of the fields in figure 2.14 needs to be filled as mentioned below and also as shown in figure 2.15 -

  • Repository Name – Name of the database that was created for local repository. In our case we would use DS_LOCAL_TEST.
  • Description - A description in few words as a label.
  • Database Type – Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Hostname - This should be the machine/server name where the database is residing. If you have installed database in your local machine, then machine name or machine IP has to be provided.
  • Port – Leave the default port as it is ‘1433’.
  • Database Name – Same as repository name DS_LOCAL_TEST.
  • Windows Authentication – ‘No’
  • Is Profiler Repository – ‘No’
CMC Data Services

Figure 2.16

6. Click on “Test Connection” button and a message box as shown in figure 2.17 is displayed. CMC Data Services

Figure 2.17

7. Click on “Save” and you can see the repository that was just registered with CMC and the status as active. Figure 2.18. CMC Data Services

Figure 2.18

8. Click on “LogOff” and close the window. Now we are setup and are ready to launch the Designer and start BODS programming. Let's begin

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