Data Integration

ETL Concepts

ETL is an acronym for Extraction, Transformation and Loading. This is an all-encompassing domain that deals with the technologies involved in extracting data from disparate systems, treating and cleaning those data, transforming the data and finally load it to one or more target systems.


What is Data Integration (DI)?

In this tutorial we will learn - what is meant by the term "Data Integration" (DI), how data integration is done and why the need of data integration often requires us to build a data warehouse.

Updated on Jun 6, 2019

Why do we need Staging Area during ETL Load

"We have a simple data warehouse that takes data from a few RDBMS source systems and load the data in dimension and fact tables of the warehouse. I wonder why we have a staging layer in between. Why can’t we process everything on the fly and push them in the data warehouse?"

Updated on Jun 6, 2019

Methods of Incremental Loading in Data Warehouse

Incremental loading a.k.a Delta loading is an widely used method to load data in data warehouses from the respective source systems. This technique is employed to perform faster load in less time utilizing less system resources. In this tutorial we will understand the basic methods of incremental loading.

Updated on Jun 6, 2019

Incremental Loading for Dimension Table

In our previous article we have discussed the concept of incremental loading in general. In this article we will see how to perform incremental loading for dimension tables.

Updated on Jun 6, 2019

Incremental Loading for Fact Tables

In the previous articles, we have discussed the general concepts of incremental data loading as well as how to perform incremental data loading for dimension tables. In this article we will discuss the methods and issues of loading data incrementally in Fact tables of a data warehouse.

Updated on Jun 6, 2019

Building the Next Generation ETL data loading Framework

Do you wish for an ETL framework that is highly customizable, light-weight and suits perfectly with all of your data loading needs? We too! Let's build one together...

Updated on Jun 6, 2019