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dbt, data build tool helps to transform data. dbt performs the T in ELT process

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Streaming Data Analytics using Amazon MSK

Streaming Data Analytics using Amazon MSK

Amazon MSK

Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka is a fully managed, highly available, and secure Apache Kafka service to process streaming data.

BigData Analysis Using Azure Databricks

BigData Analysis Using Azure Databricks


Databricks is an industry-leading modern Cloud Data Platform used for processing and transforming massive quantities of data and exploring the data through machine learning models.

Streaming Data Analytics Using Amazon Kinesis

In this article we are going to perform Streaming Data Analytics using Amazon Kinesis services.

Amazon Kinesis Services

Amazon Kinesis services helps to collect, process, and analyze data streams in real time.

Big Data Analysis using Snowflake

In this article we will perform data loading & data analysis using Snowflake cloud data warehouse.


Snowflake, a revolutionary cloud data warehouse that has gained immense popularity for its unique architecture and powerful features.

Data Analysis using Redshift

In this article we are going to query Amazon Redshift for Data Analytics and perform Data Visualization using Metabase.

Process Data as Job Workflow in Google Dataproc

We can submit jobs and interact directly with the data frameworks that is installed in the Google Dataproc cluster. Alternatively, we can submit one or more Job steps or Workflow Job Template to a Google Dataproc cluster. Each step is a unit of work that contains instructions to manipulate data for processing by the data framework installed on the cluster.

Create Google Cloud Dataproc Cluster

Google Cloud Dataproc lets us provision Apache Hadoop clusters and connect to underlying analytic data stores. With Cloud Dataproc we can set up & launch a cluster to process and analyze data with various big data frameworks very easily.

Google Cloud Dataproc

Dataproc is a fully managed and highly scalable service for running Apache Spark, Apache Flink, Presto, and 30+ open source tools and frameworks.

Data Analysis using BigQuery

In this article we are going to setup Google BigQuery for Data Analytics as well as Google Data Studio for Visualization.

Google BigQuery

BigQuery is Google's fully-managed, petabyte scale, low-cost enterprise data warehouse to manage and analyze large amount of data with built-in features like machine learning, geospatial analysis, and business intelligence.