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For Business Intelligence professionals, who wants to advance their career in global BI workspace, DWBI Organisation provides "Certified BI Professionals" program that testifies their skills and recognizes their merit by providing employee-verifiable certificates.


  •  Program backed by industry leaders
  •  Certification can be done Online
  •  Employers can verify certificates

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"DWBI Organisation's CBP program helps us assess the credibility of a BI professional" ‐ James McDonagh, VP, Deutsche Securities
"CBP program is an excellent opportunity for BI professionals to show their merits" ‐ Victor Tan, Capital One
"This is an outstanding certification program for any data warehousing professional" ‐ Roger Jones, Auckland

Who should apply

If you intend to pursue a career in DW & BI profession or if you are a professional who wants to grow up to the next career level, then you should apply


By obtaining this prestigious certification, you are able to demonstrate your subject matter competency and skill-sets to any of the potential employers

How to be Certified

The certification can be obtained after successfully passing the CBIP exam. The exam can be attempted Online. Curriculum and sample questions are available

You might be the expert. But does your potential employer know it?

See the short video below to know how CBIP helps to recognize your talent

Become a Certified BI Professional in 4-Steps

  Ensure you qualify the minimum criteria

You have minimum 2 years of work experience in Information Technology or Information Technology Services and you are a Bachelor Degree holder / Undergraduate

  Enroll for the program and complete payment formalities

Submit your identification document and pay the nominal amount for exam administrative charges

  Confirm your exam date and prepare for the exam

You should fix your exam date within 3 months from the date of your registration (this date can be rescheduled later). Our program coordinator will send you program handbook containing useful information on how to prepare for the exam

  Attempt and pass the Exam to become a certified professional

You can attempt the exam from any place of your choice provided you have computer with internet connection. Upon passing the exam, the certificate will be issued for you.

Prove your worth. Become a Certified BI Professional.

Or, read further to find out other benefits of becoming Certified BI Professional

Additional Benefits of becoming Certified BI Professional

  Life-long Professional Membership to Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Organization

  Online profile for verification by others, including potential employers

  Be part of the global community of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence professionals

  Share your profile to professional networks such as LinkedIn

  Get free access to online DWBI Magazine and stay up-to-date with recent advancement in this field

  100 nomination points for adoption to prestigious DWBI Hall Of Fame

Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult is the exam? What is my chance of passing it?

You have to evaluate that for yourself. That's why, we have created a sample question set and we encourage you to go-through the questions to check your proficiency on the subject. If you are comfortable answering the questions in the sample set - it is highly likely that you will be comfortable in answering the questions in the actual exam.

Is the certification valid internationally?


What is the cost of obtaining CBIP certification?

A nominal cost of USD 99 is charged towards the administrative expenses for the exam. There is no other cost involved. Except this, all you need to do to obtain your prestigious certification is to actually pass the exam!

Who are behind this certification program?

This certification program is backed by Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Organization and supported by a wide (and ever increasing) panel of eminent Industry experts and professionals. Among others, this includes experts from IT industry, Banking and Financial Services, Retail and Telecom enterprises.

How do I know if the exam is suitable for me?

The exam is suitable for anyone intending to make a strong career in the data warehousing and business intelligence domain. Typically - Database Programmers and Administrators, ETL and BI Report developers, Architects, Data Miners, statisticians and IT professionals who work in DW & BI domain take this exam.

Have more question?

Now you can easily ask your questions or discuss your concerns with fellow members at our certification forum.


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