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Data Analysis

Big Data Analytics


This section contains a number of articles and tutorials on Big Data Analytics.

3 Articles
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Hadoop FileSystem Commands

In this article we will learn the basic and mostly used Hadoop File System Commands. The File System (FS) shell commands interact with the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). Most of the commands in FS shell behave like corresponding Unix commands.

Updated 03 Oct, 2020

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Log File Analysis Using Hadoop & Hive- PHP Error Log

In this article we will learn how to perform quick analysis on Unstructured data using Hadoop & Hive. In this case we have a huge PHP Error Log file. What we want here is to parse the log file and get meaningful analytics from the error log. For example we want to understand which webpages are encountering the frequent PHP Errors, types of PHP Issue encountered (Warning, Notice, Error etc.). So let's see how easy it is, to get the answers to our questions, when we have HADOOP & HIVE in our toolbox.

Updated 03 Oct, 2020

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Stream Webserver Log into Hdfs using FLUME

In this article we will use Apache Flume to gather stream access log data from our remote Web Server into Hadoop Distributed File System. We will be analyzing the access log in a real-time basis. So we have to setup Flume such that it collects the access log information from the web server and pushes it to the hadoop cluster. Once the data is in our HDFS, we can analayze better using HIVE. Let's check the multiple Flume agent configurations.

Updated 03 Oct, 2020

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