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How to get Informatica Repository Information from Metadata

Updated on Dec 20, 2023

Some metadata views can be very handy to get Informatica Repository Information. Know How.

Following list of Informatica Metadata Repository Views can be used to quickly gather following repository information from the metadata:

  • Repository Name
  • Domain Name
  • Database User Name
  • List of Integration Services
  • Repository Folder Names

View details are provided below.


This view contains the list of the repositories. REP_REPOSIT_INFO has following important columns –

REPOSITORY_NAME: Name of the repository

REPOSITORY_DESCRIPTION: If any description is available

DOMAIN_NAME: Domain name e.g. PowerMart

DATABASE_USER: The username that Informatica uses to connect to database


This view contains the list of all integration services that are configured in the domain


This view contains the list of all the folders in Informatica Repository. REP_SUBJECT view has following important columns –

SUBJECT_AREA: Contains the folder name

DESCRIPTION: Contains the folder description if available

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