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Informatica Metadata Tables - Overview and Tutorial

Updated on Dec 20, 2023

Informatica PowerCentre stores all the information about mapping, session, transformation, workflow etc. in a set of database tables called metadata tables. While these tables are used internally by Informatica, one can get useful information by accessing it separately

What is Informatica Metadata

The term "metadata" is often used for the purpose of denoting "data about data". Although this definition does not apply strictly for Informatica PowerCentre, a better suggestion can be "structural metadata" which specifically apply to the data about the structures in Informatica. Informatica stores the data transformation logic in the form of PowerCentre Designer Mapping and the physical connection details etc. in the form of PowerCentre Manager session. Apart from that, Informatica PowerCentre also stores the information about Workflows, Worklets, Repositories, Folders etc. All these information is collectively called Informatica Metadata and are stored in a structured data model called Informatica Repository.

Tables and Views Under Informatica Metadata Repository

There are 500 over tables and views present in Informatica 8.5.x Repository. All table name starts with “OPB_” and the view names start with “REP_”. My objective here is not to go through all the table and view list, instead, I want to give you the overview of the important Tables and Views only and want to show you how to write simple SQL Query to obtain useful information quickly using the metadata repository. So let's get started. Nicely and easily.


How to get Informatica Repository Information from Metadata

How to get Folders and Mapping names from Informatica Metadata Query

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