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AWS Analytics

Amazon Kinesis Services

Updated on Oct 23, 2021

Amazon Kinesis services helps to collect, process, and analyze data streams in real time.

The AWS Streaming Data Solution for Amazon Kinesis helps to easily configure the core AWS services necessary to capture, store, process, and deliver streaming data. With Amazon Kinesis services, you can perform real-time analytics on data that has been traditionally analyzed using batch processing. Common streaming use cases include sharing data between different applications, streaming extract-transform-load, and real-time analytics. For example, you can use Kinesis Data Firehose to continuously load streaming data into your S3 data lake or analytics services.

Kinesis Data Streams

Ingest and store data streams from hundreds of thousands of data sources. Collect gigabytes of data per second and make it available for processing and analyzing in real time.

  • Log and event data collection
  • IoT device data capture
  • Mobile data collection
  • Gaming data feed

Kinesis Data Firehose

Prepare and load real-time data streams into data lakes, data stores and analytics tools.

  • Log and event analytics
  • IoT data analytics
  • Clickstream analytics
  • Security monitoring

Kinesis Data Analytics

Analyze streaming data & get actionable insights in real time.

  • Real-time streaming ETL
  • Real-time log analytics
  • Ad tech and digital marketing analytics
  • Real-time IoT device monitoring